What is FlexiSchooling

The traditional classroom doesn't work for everyone. Whether a child is neurodivergent, has an EHCP or simply struggles in school, there are alternative approaches as part of a suite of 'flexischooling' options.

Flexischooling is when a child is partially in school, partially home educated.

At Gaia Learning we work with several families and schools on creating flexible models of learning for the young person to help them thrive. We recently spoke to Flexischool

Known for focusing on sustainability and addressing global challenges, The Wisby's focus on 'women in sustainable business'. The fiercely competitive category of "Game Changing Education" saw Gaia Learning be the winner with 103/120 points, the 2nd highest in the competition overall.

Judges called Gaia Learning "incredibly innovative and they will be a household name of the future - one to watch".

Thank you to the team at The Wisby's for this award, we are thrilled with this achievement and look forward to supporting you at future award ceremonies as you grow.