Image shows a laptop screen and a finger pointing towards it. On the screen you can see a teacher and a pupil in an online classroom looking at a map together.

Gaia Learning are online learning partners to schools and families worldwide supporting neurodivergent children ages 8 -18 and helping them to thrive through live online classes, 1:1 tuition and readymade accessible digital course content.

Gaia Learning currently supports schools and families in the UK, USA, Australia, Saudi and Europe. Gaia was born to serve the needs of our own children, now 4 years on we help neurodivergent children like our own, thrive.

Kirstin, tech obsessed Geography teacher and her son have ADHD and so are familiar with the challenges of the school system, traditional classroom and how online learning can engage those less likely to attend school. When Kirstin was told that medicating her son was the only way to get him into education, she knew there was another way.

With her experience in tech, learning systems and being a qualified teacher, Kirstin took matters into her own hands and now can share her experiences with families and schools alike whilst building Gaialytics to address some key, global challenges.

Since 2012 Kate (stripy top, left above) has been an entrepreneur working across education and community partnering with the NHS, local authorities and colleges to understand learner experiences in education. Whilst identifying and struggling with the challenges of her own young daughter who has suspected PDA, Kate and Kirstin met on Linkedin and became a force of nature.

Taking the business from a small, specialist tuition business to a national alternative education provider, Cambridge Registered International School Online and partner to many schools showcases how a lifetime of work and aligned values has turned into something so powerful - Gaia Learning.

In summer 2023 Gaia Learning were successful in securing a place on the Baltic Ventures Accelerator Programme. Read more about it here and see the class of 2023 below.

If you'd like to hear more on our back story, listen to this podcast with international education consultant, Tim Logan from September 2023.


Gaia Learning educators are world-class qualified teachers who have a natural born gift combined with a heart filled passion for supporting young people and helping them to thrive.

When you talk to our team, you're talking to a teacher, parent or carer who has experienced the education system and needs of neurodivergent children from all sides.

Meet our Central Operations Team

Meet our Educator Team


  • We want a world where all children have equal access to quality education whatever their ambition and ability.
  • Where families are empowered and excited about their child's learning experiences.
  • Where schools can create and curate content and experiences based on learners ideas, abilities and aspirations.
  • And where data drives insight to make informed decisions for the holistic wellbeing of the child and their future.


  • We work with families, tutoring groups and schools worldwide
  • We are specialists with SEN trained educators with hands-on experience
  • We know neurodivergent learners - founders children have ADHD and PDA
  • PAYG & Membership Model - Online app with full curriculum content
  • We use technology and create a unique learner experience and understanding like no other online school
  • We work in partnership with schools and families creating flexible, hybrid learning solutions
  • Est since 2019
  • We are a community - join our group
  • We care and always put the learner first
  • Our gaialytics data gives unique insights into learning experiences and how to create personalised learning pathways.
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