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"Huge thank you for the support with this complex case. The last minute onboarding, weekly feedback and ease of renewal was very helpful.

The care and nurture provided through 1:1 provision helped support him to group learning and now back into school. Thank you!"

Ark Greenwich School - March 2024

founders of gaia learning kate and kirstin

“We speak to parents and SENCO leads every day, we’re those parents ourselves, we know how hard it is, how alone you can feel and how you just want the best support for your child”

Kate Longworth, CEO


Seek to understand and take active steps to include.


Try new things and explore what could be better every time.


Seek and find things that make you, learners and others happy, excited and confident.


Do the right thing for the learner, every time.

Cambridge Registered International School Online

Our qualified tutors are specialists who support gifted and creative learners who also have ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, and other needs.

Part of Climate Action Schools

We support and take part in activities with other online schools around the world as part of Take Action Global.

ADHD Foundation

We are the first online school in the world to be awarded the ADHD Foundation kite badge as an ADHD Friendly School.

Foundation of Education Development UK

We are proud to be part of the FED England helping to shape educational policies and partner with schools and MAT's across the UK.

Gaia Learning are the first online learning provider in the UK to be awarded the ADHD Friendly School award 2023 from ADHD Foundation.