School Community

We know how hard it is as a school leader to find the right support for children who struggle in the classroom. We want to help you, help them and if your school setting isn't the right place for them right now, we can help and then help them back into school when it's right for them.

So we have built our school community to support you and them.

As part of our Free Gaia Learning Schools Community you'll get

  • Free online training plus Q&A
  • Quick registration & referrals for new learners
  • Advice & guidance from our expert educators
  • Learning tools & resources to support them in the classroom.
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Parent view…

"Gaia Learning has been a game-changer for our son. As parents, we were concerned about his struggles with English as an Additional Language and suspected neurodiversity.

Since joining Gaia, he's not only improved his English but also found a nurturing environment that values his unique strengths. We couldn't be happier with his progress and newfound confidence. Thank you, Gaia Learning!"

Melissa, mum to 11 year old Kevin

I like that it is creative and I get to do some of my favourite things in it at the same time as learning new things.

— Deema - age 11