How to Join Gaia Learning

There are a couple of ways for young people to join Gaia Learning.

As a private learner with or without a care plan and diagnosis. This is at the families discretion and privately funded - we often work with homeschooling families. It relies on the parent electively homeschooling their young person, with Gaia Learning support. If you have an EOTAS Personal Budget this can be used to pay for Gaia Learning.

2. As School or Local Authority partnership.

We work with schools and LA's to support their learners who may struggle with mainstream school. Often the young person have been in and out of the physical school and 'at home' tuition has not been successful. We can align our support and reporting to the needs of your school on a half termly basis. Read more here.

Getting to know the learner...

In both circumstances we will ask you about the young person, their learning experiences and what you believe they need. We will always look to build a relationship with their school and previous educational setting to look to support their journey and do what's best for the young person.