Our Virtual Classroom

Each learner has their own virtual whiteboard for notetaking. They can access classes and content outside of the timetabled hours and can use the chat, camera, video and communication tools as little or as much as they like.

"A Classroom in a Single Tab"

Imagine an online classroom that's as simple as opening a single tab. This is more than just video and chat. We've created a wholly interactive eco-system designed to keep all learners engaged and interested.

Highly Interactive

Collaborative whiteboards, integrated multimedia content, chat and video functionality, shared and personal spaces to work. This isn't a lerner sat alone learning in front of a screen, this is bringing a reimagined classroom to their fingertips. We can adjust all settings per classroom per learner to support safeguarding and deliver the best learner experience.

Available from anywhere, any time

As part of our commitment to being flexible for our students, our classroom is as accessible from home as it is from the top of a mountain (yes, we've tried it!).

Learner feedback after each session

Our system will automatically notify a learners key contact if a student doesn't attend a session. It will also automatically generate and send detailed feedback on each student after every session. Our gaialytics platform (in beta coming 24/25) will give learners, families and school partners agency and understanding over the learning experience.

Safe and secure

Keeping students safe is our number 1 priority. We have an open door policy for our classrooms, so any educator can access any classroom at any time. Every class is recorded - audio and video and we monitor all engagement, online activity and feedback from the learners and can report on this as required by our school partner.