Families FAQ's

Can my child go back into school?

Do you accept students from overseas?

Yes we focus on what is best for the learner and want them to thrive with their learning. If your child is best in a physical school we will work with you and the school to make that happen. Learners can be with us for a day, week or term - whatever works for you.

Yes absolutely. All of our curriculum and content is international and part of the Cambridge curriculum. We run our main class timetable in GMT and can offer 1:1 additional tuition more responsive to your timezone.

How do you get to know the student?

Can my child have a taster lesson?

We spend time to build a relationship with your child as this is fundamental to success. We recognise their strengths and listen to their needs. If they are in school, have a care plan or there is specific insight from the family and educational community which can be shared we welcome that also. 

Absolutely. We offer up to 30 minutes of a free taster lesson to show the student how to use our tech, and get to know the child’s interests to understand how we can best work together.

If you’d like a free taster lesson please enquire on our website.

Have you worked with children who are Autistic?

My child has an EOTAS, what happens now?

Yes. Our educators are all SEN trained and experienced in working with children with additional needs and learning difficulties. For tuition, your child is personally matched to a tutor that will best support their needs. For our online school, we form small groups of up to 12 students who have similiar challenges and learning goals.

We can help. Connect us in to your SENCO lead at the school or main contact or your local authority and we will do the rest.

What size are your classes?

When supporting children with additional needs our class sizes are 1:12 maximum and often we have an additional support team member from Gaia Learning online too. Our typical class size is 5-6 children per class.

How much does it cost?

All students have a £200 registration fee.

Our packages are flexible to the needs of your child. Lessons start from £35 per lesson (plus VAT). If you book a call with us via our registration form we will talk you through the structures and how it can best work for you. See our fees here.

Can my child do exams with you?

What if my child doesn’t have a diagnosis? Can you help?

No, we aren’t an exam centre unfortunately but we do have a relationship with Tutors & Exam Centre's so our team can help you to make this happen!

That’s ok, they don’t need to have a diagnosis of any particular neurodiversity to be part of Gaia Learning. We are not clinicians and we will not diagnose your children, however we will do our best to signpost for appropriate support whilst they’re with us.