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As part of this series, Gaia Learning Founders, Kirstin Coughtrie & Kate Carney will be speaking with global leaders in their field of education, technology, neurodiversity and parenting to bring together voices and options from across this diverse space we navigate.

Kirstin Coughtrie and Selina sameuls

Kirstin Coughtrie & Selina Samuels
Redefining Tutoring and Online Schooling

Kirstin Coughtrie, Co-Founder of Gaia Learning and neurodiversity advocate, and Dr Selina Samuels, an esteemed leader in the realm of education and digital transformation. Based on opposite sides of the globe - Selina in Sydney, Australia and Kirstin in the UK - these two experts bring a uniquely global perspective to the table.

In this interactive discussion, they will explore the evolving role of the teacher in today's digital era and how policy and business are shaping (and holding back) opportunities to reimagine education through the redefinition of the tutoring profession and the concept of an online school.

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Kirstin Coughtrie and Dwayne Matthews

Kirstin Coughtrie & Dwayne Matthews

Decoding AI for the future of education: A Parental Perspective

Kirstin Coughtrie, Co-Founder of Gaia Learning, and Dwayne Matthews, Innovation Evangelist and Future of Education Strategist.

After admiring Dwayne's work and vision for the future of education for the past four years on LinkedIn, Kirstin recently had the chance to meet him 'properly' via Zoom. This talk is a continuation of that discussion, centred around their shared optimism for the future of education and concerns about the ethical and sustainable use of AI.

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