Case Studies

We support children around the world aged 8-18 who have additional needs. The students we support may be home educated or still in school, depending on the needs of the child we work with the stakeholders to create an appropriate learning support framework.

We help them to thrive through 1:1 tuition and small classes. Below are a few stories of children we have supported this year.

“If I could give you guys a million reviews I would. Words can’t describe each day and the experience. I honestly mean this. The stress you took away whilst I was in hospital too, nothing compares. We love you all. Kyle feels like his family circle has grown

It was fabulous to read Kyle was engaging and sharing his interests, and the tutors really took this on board and they communicated it back. e.g. his YouTube clip that went “viral”. The time they spend even writing updates to parents. It’s not something that normal schools do, but this is cherished”

Nikki, mum to 11 year old Kyle

13 year old Poppy

Location: North Yorkshire

Joined: September 2023

Loves: Horses

Difficulties: struggles to keep attention in class, has low academic confidence, is awaiting an ADHD assessment

Poppy joined our lower secondary timetable in September and now attends 16 sessions a week. Over the summer we also supported her mum by giving her access to our legal team, who helped her to navigate the complicated process of applying for local authority funding.

“I am truly blown away by how she has adapted to her Gaia Learning lessons and her positive change towards learning. Poppy loves Gaia!” - Poppy’s Mum, Bridget

"My daughter who is 11 has autism and did not transition into high school. I’m in the in the process of applying for a EHCP. However, the time it is taking is unreal. In the meantime, I needed to quickly access education for my daughter. Through Gaia I was able to quickly use their templates to write to the local authority to ask for education from home under section 19 of the education act.

Francesca, my contact at Gaia
quickly assessed what my child’s needs, where and what lessons are available . Sienna was issued with an accessible timetable, and had easy access to their learning platform. The teachers were fantastic, really engaging. Small class size suited my daughters needs, and she was excited to learn for a change. For me, this was a huge relief as I could see that she was accessing education from home with Gaia learning.

I would strongly recommend Gaia to any family who have neurodivergent children or anxiety. Sienna was quickly welcomed by all teachers. Melissa especially made her feel really welcome.
For me as a parent my
mental strain was relieved as I could not home educate and work at the same time . This was the best option for a Sienna, and I’m pleased to say she’s thriving with Gaia."

Emma, Mum to 12 year old Sienna

Find out more about Sienna and her classmates here

15 year old Audrey

Location: London

Joined: September 2023

Loves: PE, Drama, Art

Difficulties: Anxiety and PTSD

It was recommended that Audrey take time off of school to focus on recovering from her PTSD, but her parents were worried about her falling behind in her education. Together, we created a bespoke timetable for Audrey, with a mixture of group classes for core subjects and 1:1 sessions. This timetable is flexible to Audrey’s needs but ensures she’s receiving the education she needs. We look forward to supporting Audrey for as long as she needs us.

I am so thankful to see her smiling again and excited about life. I can see her confidence growing daily - Audrey’s mum, Sophie

"Gaia Learning has been a game-changer for our son. As parents, we were concerned about his struggles with English as an Additional Language and suspected neurodiversity.

Since joining Gaia, he's not only improved his English but also found a nurturing environment that values his unique strengths. We couldn't be happier with his progress and newfound confidence. Thank you, Gaia Learning!"

Melissa, mum to 11 year old Kevin

I like that it is creative and I get to do some of my favourite things in it at the same time as learning new things.

— Deema - age 11