For homeschooling families & those with children in school.

We support children who struggle mainstream school. Whether your child has a diagnosis or not, we can support them to feel happy and confident with learning, delivering online support whilst they prepare to get back into the classroom or learn in the right space for them.

Many children, like our own find going into school incredibly difficult and experience anxiety, physical outbursts and deep trauma. This experience shouldn't prevent them from having a quality, inclusive education.

Our 30-minute small classes are created to be engaging and inclusive, helping learners to get to know themselves and feel safe and seen so they can thrive. We offer a free taster session for all children and if you'd like a call to discuss your child please contact us and we'll arrange a time to call you back.

“Gaia Learning has been a game changer for us. My son really struggled with school with extreme anxiety, At Gaia, my son is excited about learning. The teachers are amazing. I couldn't recommend them more. “

— Sally M - Bristol

Why Gaia Learning are the right fit for learners with additional needs…

30 minute lessons & Regular breaks

  • This allows for better engagement and attention, which is crucial for neurodivergent learners.
  • Breaks are essential for physical and mental well-being, and can help prevent burnout and disengagement.

Fridays off for Projects & Afternoon for sports

  • This gives your child the opportunity to pursue their own interests and passions, promoting self-directed learning and motivation.
  • Afternoons off for sport, projects, and independent learning: This provides a balanced approach to learning and encourages physical activity, which is important for the well-being of all students.

Delivered by one main class teacher & a Flipped Classroom

  • Having a consistent teacher can help your child build a strong rapport and feel more comfortable in their learning environment.
  • Our flipped classrooms provides a structured and organized approach to learning that can be adapted to your child's learning style and preferences.

No homework but interest based projects for badges & a global community

  • This promotes self-directed learning and allows your child to pursue their interests in a way that is meaningful to them.
  • Regular open sessions to see other children: Socialization is important for all students, and online schools can provide a unique opportunity to connect with peers from around the world.

A focus on Life Skills & goal setting

  • Life Skills, Communication skills, Assembly: These skills are essential for your child's personal and professional growth, and an online school can provide a unique environment for developing them.
  • Guided goal setting at the start of the week and week ends with reflection: This helps your child stay on track and be more mindful of their progress, promoting a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Flipped Classroom & Teacher contact

  • Flipped classroom resources can be differentiated by language, font style and size (useful for dyslexic learners) adapted to interests (ADHD interest-based nervous system), helpful for EAL families: This helps ensure that all students have access to the same information and can learn in a way that works best for them.
  • Teachers can be contacted through the flipped classroom, and parents can also support each other in the discussion forum: This promotes communication and collaboration between teachers, students, and parents, which is crucial for the success of any online school.