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Take a look at our latest stories, news and events. We are always looking for partners to help us share the good news stories of how we support neurodivergent children. If you'd like to know more or speak to our press team visit our press enquiries page.

How the mute button can help...

How the Mute Button Can Help Children’s Voices Be Heard. Creating a Supportive Learning Environment for Neurodivergent Learners. Read here.


An education as unique as they are.

Read about how we create personalised education programmes for young people to give them the experience they needed help them to thrive.

Attendance vs Engagement

Is Attendance the Real Issue? Why We Should Focus on Getting Kids Engaged at School Instead.

Tips for learning with Autism

Online learning can be challenging for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for individuals who are autistic. Here are some tips that may help make online learning more manageable.

ADHD Foundation award

We are delighted to announce that Gaia Learning has become the first online school in the UK to receive the prestigious ADHD Friendly School Award.

Award Winners

Gaia Learning won the top prize for the 'Game Changing Education' category.

Supporting Australia

Gaia Learning partners with Eduprism, leading Australian tutor business to support children with additional needs overseas.

First Partner

Gaia Learning become the UK's first Qualified Tutor organisation.

Innovative Learning Pathways

Innovative Learning Pathways: What do they mean at Gaia Learning?

Baltic Ventures

Gaia Learning join UK leading Accelerator programme for 2023 with Baltic Ventures. This programme is designed to connected Gaia Learning to investors and partners across the UK and being a part of it is a sign of the organisations growth, ambition and success.

"Ghost Children"

We need a new approach to reach the "Ghost Children" who are out of education.

New Partnership

Gaia Learning have partnered with international organisation, Tutors & Exams to support private learners on their journey to academic success.