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TV actor, Author and ADHD mum of two, Holly Matthews joins neurodiverse online school Gaia Learning as brand ambassador. 

Gaia Learning, the world's only online school for neurodiverse children, is proud to announce the appointment of Holly Matthews as its newest brand ambassador. 

Online, 22 May 2023 

Holly is a well-known British actress, best known for her roles in popular TV dramas such as Waterloo Road and Byker Grove. Holly was diagnosed with ADHD in 2020 and is a mother to two children, one of whom is 12 year old Brooke who is autistic so neurodiversities and education are close to her heart. 

As founder of The Happy Me Project, Holly is passionate about personal development, mental well-being and helping others to achieve their full potential. She has spoken at events and in the media about her own experiences of neurodiversity and the importance of prioritising children by educating them and supporting them throughout their education.

In her role as brand ambassador for Gaia Learning, Holly will be working closely with Founders Kate Carney and Kirstin Coughtrie to support the online school by raising awareness and supporting children and young adults with their well-being through her ‘The Happy Me Project’ content.

"I'm thrilled to be joining Gaia Learning as their brand ambassador," said Holly. 

"Their commitment to providing personalised education with their clever, human-entered tech was inspiring to see, the kids love it! They’re shaping the future of education. 

As a mother of a neurodiverse child myself, I know how important it is to have access to educators, resources and teaching approaches that understand and support their unique needs. I'm excited for the future of how we will work together”. 

Kate Carney, CEO of Gaia Learning, said: "We're delighted to welcome Holly to Gaia Learning. Her personal experience with ADHD and parenting a child who is autistic, coupled with her passion for personal development and community make her the perfect partner for our unique online school and a welcomed voice in our central team.

About Gaia Learning

Gaia Learning are a Cambridge registered international school online for neurodiverse children aged 8-18. They offer small classes, readymade courses and 1:1 tuition for children who have ADHD, autism or anyone who struggles with mainstream school. With a team of expert educators and a focus on personalised learning to engage the young person, Gaia Learning is dedicated to helping neurodiverse children unlock their full potential and thrive. 

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Kate Carney is Co-Founder and CEO of Gaia Learning. Gaia Learning supports neurodiverse students around the world. As a mum of two, Kate knows first hand, the journey of supporting a neurodiverse child and how important education is when creating an environment within which they can thrive.