FAQ's from Students

We spoke to our head of Learning, Neeki Armani to understand the most frequently asked questions from young people who come to Gaia Learning.

Here's what they asked and what we had to say...

What's the point of this?

Well, we know that being in the classroom can be tough and you don't always want to go in so we run these online sessions so you can still get your head around some key subjects - and we try to make it interesting. It'll help you do exams if you want to do them, but more importantly, help you in life.

That's why we talk about pay slips, pensions and important life things not just fractions for the sake of it!

Who is in my class?

Other young people in the same situation as you, some from your school, some are being taught from home. Everyone is around the same age. You'll be able to talk to them, see them and message during and after the session.

What happens if someone doesn't behave?

Yep, that happens. We outline an approach with the learners in the class at the start of every session and we have some rules, as you'd expect.

We'll share what we expect from you and what you can expect from us in an onboarding session where it'll just me you and the teacher online together so you can ask any questions and see how things work.

How do the classes work?

There's usually about 6-8 young people online at any one time. The teacher runs the session, it's relaxed and quite informal, you don't have to use miss or sir, you can just use their first name. Every student has a virtual whiteboard and can use the design and writing tools as much/little as you like to take part. Each class lasts 30 minutes.

What happens if I'm really tired?

Just come to the session and listen then take part as much/little as you can. Most learners come and end up joining in much more than they first thought. The content is available outside of the class timetable also, so you can go back in and watch videos and see questions and answers etc 24/7.

Do I have to have my camera on?

We'd like it if you did, but no, you don't have to.

Most students end up putting their camera on during the first session and feeling relaxed to continue doing that.

What size are your classes?

When supporting children with additional needs our class sizes are 1:12 maximum and often we have an additional support team member from Gaia Learning online too. Our typical class size is 5-6 children per class.

How much does it cost?

Do you have qualified teachers?

All students have a £200 registration fee.

Our packages are flexible to the needs of your child. Lessons start from £35+ VAT per session. Payment is half termly and paid in advance.

Yes, all of our teachers are qualified teachers and have also been through our Gaia Learning Certified Educator Course: How to teach inclusively online.