Gaia Learning Hubs:
Hybrid Learning

We provide an end-to-end hybrid learning solution for schools. So you can have students learning online from home, the community and in your school.

From supporting your students with online learning from their home, through to creating a whole hybrid learning approach in school, we create a holistic education ecosystem for your neurodivergent and SEMH learners.

In late 2022 Kirstin and I talked about wanting to create Gaia Learning hubs worldwide - physical spaces in schools or community where learners can be taught remotely, online as well as being in the physical classroom and accessing course content, all analysed, tracked, shared and managed through gaialytics. With the learner at the heart. This is what we can now create.

In-class hybrid learning

Working with our tech-partners we help schools to support their students with online learning. We'll create a learning environment in your school dedicated to supporting students learn online.

Gaia Learning hubs include in-school technology from world-class edtech providers, Classin, online learning software and a teaching programme and delivery dedication to young people with additional needs. So your young people can truly experience seamless hybrid learning and benefit from the physical and online classroom at the same time.

Measure, Understand, Deliver - Gaialytics

Our Gaialytics software measures everything that happens when young people are learning online and has the dashboard and portal for learners and their families to add contents and achievements to show a whole child view and give holistic understanding of their experience.

ADHD Friendly Online School

In summer 2023 Gaia Learning were the first organisation in the UK to be awarded the ADHD Friendly Online School kite mark from the ADHD Foundation.

To gain this national recognition we had to showcase our experience and understanding of young people with ADHD and demonstrate how our unique offering supports students with additional needs.