How can I afford the personalised education my child needs?

By Francesca Roberts

Every child deserves access to quality education tailored to their unique needs. But what happens when a traditional classroom setting just doesn't work for them? In these cases, Education Other Than At School (EOTAS) might be the key to unlocking an education more suited to your child’s needs.

What is EOTAS?
EOTAS stands for "Education Other Than At School," and it's designed for children and young people who, due to various reasons, cannot be educated in a traditional school environment. This could be due to a breakdown in their current placement, additional needs, or a requirement for specialised provisions not available within traditional schools.
The law is clear on this: local authorities are obligated to ensure that every child of compulsory school age receives suitable education. Suitable education should align with the child's age, ability, and cater to any special educational needs they may have.

How Does EOTAS Work?
EOTAS offers different ways of learning for children who can't thrive in a traditional school environment. Options such as online classes (like Gaia Learning), home tutoring, or therapies like speech and language support.

How to Request EOTAS?
To request an EOTAS package, you'll typically need to have an EHCP in progress or already in place. You can make this request during the EHCP process, during a reassessment, or at an annual review of the plan.

The local authority will assess your request, considering your wishes and evaluating whether EOTAS is necessary for your child. They must determine if providing education in a traditional school setting would be inappropriate for your child's needs.

What Makes an Educational Setting Inappropriate?
The Local Authority must establish that traditional school provision would be unsuitable for your child. They consider various factors, including your child's background and medical history, their specific educational needs, the facilities available in schools, and more.

More information on EOTAS
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