School benefits of working with Gaia Learning

Partnering with Gaia Learning benefits the schools and the students.

We work with schools and local authorities across the UK to help children who need us most.

With truly flexible packages of support built around the needs of schools we work with, we can help you to re-engage and understand learners who spend more time out of the classroom.

1. We help schools to better understand and retain their students.

Through small class and 1:1 teaching intervention in partnership with the school for students with additional needs and data analysis of their learning experiences using AI we help you get to know your students better and create personalised learning experiences.

2. We improve attendance and engagement

The physical classroom doesn't work for all students and so if you have students who need an alternative approach we can teach them remotely whether they are in their home, care home or school.

3. Continuity of support - provision in place - speed

We move quickly and can onboard students into the Gaia Learning setting so they can join small (up to 12 students), virtual classes or receive 1:1 support within a few days. We always keep a few spaces on our virtual classes open for when schools need us.

4. Together - aligned - part of the community

We work with the families, school, MAT and LA - we are part of the system and it's joined so we have personalised reporting for the student, a bespoke learner portal where all stakeholders can see progress, resources, courses and access the virtual classroom and regular meetings with all parties to have a holistic view of the child.

We are also building gaialytics - personalised education platform to report on learner engagement, progress, attendance, language and more so you can see what is happening, when, how and most importantly the skills gathered and impact it's having, whatever edtech app you use.

ADHD Friendly Online School

In summer 2023 Gaia Learning were the first organisation in the UK to be awarded the ADHD Friendly Online School kite mark from the ADHD Foundation.

To gain this national recognition we had to showcase our experience and understanding of young people with ADHD and demonstrate how our unique offering supports students with additional needs.